Saturday, May 2, 2009

Leap pad LeapFrog Learning System 
in excellent condition and in perfect working order .

reading, listening and games..

LeapPad review:
So how does it work? I hear you say. It is quite simple. You choose a book and get the corresponding cartridge. The Cartridge goes in the side bit for the cartridges. You then place the book inside and switch on the "ON" button. At the bottom just underneath the book is a "magic" pen. The pen is connected to the pad by a wire and the child uses the pen to take part in the activities. The pen just touches the pad and then the pad takes the child through whatever they have touched. 

On each page there is a Go sign in a green circle. You press on this and it starts the activities on the page. Each book is about 30 pages long. The reading ones have stories and help children to start basic reading skills. It reads the stories and You can choose to "say it" when the book reads it to you. "Sound it" pronounces the word. "Spell it" spells the word out. 

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item #041

age level : 4+

This set contains:

1. Leap Pad Learning system
2. The Lion King and cartridge
3. Leap Into Learning
4. Leapfrog blue back pack

set with 6 books and 5 cartridges

(booked : amyjoe)

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